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  • Determine if you need a corporate entity (if not, all but $200 of your Smart Rate is refunded to you).

  • Learn and understand WHY you need what you need.  

  • LLC or other corporate selection and formation.

  • Corporate documents.  

  • Essential business lessons to maintain your legal entity protection.

  • Sales Tax instruction (if applicable)

  • Instruction on Unemployment Insurance, Workers Compensation, and other legal business requirements.

  • IRS tax entity selection.

Business Start Up

 We love small start ups!

Our focus is on new businesses with less than 10 employees and $1 Million expected first year revenue.  We take care of the legal side while you get to work.  

Smart Rate:  $2,750 (employees)


Just you?  We offer a Smart Rate for solo businesses.  

Smart Rate:  $1,325 (no employees)

Business Start Up

 We love small start ups!

10 employees - $1 Million Revenue

Smart Rate:  $2,100



Solo businesses  

Smart Rate:  $1,100

(no employees)

3 free months of follow-up questions related to your business startup.

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