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  • Customized estate plan.

  • WORD or a Google Doc for changes that you can make in the future without an attorney.  

  • We have the ability to handle everything virtually and with video conferences.  

  • No in-person appointments required. 

  • Automatic reminders sent to you with checklists to make sure your plan does not require revision or changes (typically every two years but you can customize to your situation).  

  • Comprehensive review of all assets.  

  • We can schedule our virtual meetings in the evenings or on weekends.  Our goal is convenience for you.

  • Peace of mind.

Meet Brett Bussan

Living Trust & Estate Planning Attorney in Texas and Illinois

Hi there. I am Brett Bussan, your Personal Family Lawyer dedicated to assisting you and helping you to take care of your family & loved ones through informed estate planning.  I specialize in families with minor children, families with special needs and Medicaid Estate Planning for Seniors. I started up Ivy & Owl Law, PLLC with my cousin Natalie Bussan to provide exceptional service when serving my clients.


Before opening my firm, I spent twenty years away from the law working as a physical therapist.  As a therapist, I specialized in helping patients deal with the injuries and pain that impacted their lives. Also, I worked intensively with patients that were incapacitated by stroke and neurological disease to regain their functional abilities.  My hands-on therapy skills were remarkable, but I knew for truly excellent outcomes, I had to have a great relationship with my patients.  That involved me truly getting to know my patients and educating them so that they were empowered to take control of their treatment and their lives.


I decided to return to practicing law because I have two adopted kids, and I knew I wanted to take as best care as possible for my kids when something does eventually happen to me.  I have studied estate planning law extensively over the last couple of years, and I have learned that many families have nothing in place, or inadequate documents only in place, should they become incapacitated or die.   I believe a big reason that many families do not have the planning in place that they need is because they have not had a lawyer they were able to trust to help them.

 I am an attorney that can help you.  My skills of compassion, and education, make me especially able to serve my clients.  It is my goal to establish a great relationship with each client by learning the clients’ needs and then educating them to understand their options and empower them to make the decisions that will take care of them and their families.  

At Ivy & Owl Law, I am here to help you navigate the very important task of protecting those that you love.   I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions or issues that you have.  I will reply to your needs promptly, and I would be happy to help you take care of your legacy and your family’s future.

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3 free months of follow-up questions or changes to your estate plan.  

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