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  • Review of your offer to purchase (two amendments included). 

  • Review and explanation of title insurance. 

  • A summary of zoning, driveway, or other laws that may be applicable to your property.

  • Preliminary wetlands and floodplain identification.  

  • Nearby well depth and drilling information (if applicable).

  • Identification of nearby landfills and environmentally contaminated sites.

  • Easements, covenants, and homeowners associations that apply to your property researched and explained.

  • Choose to proceed without a realtor.


Legal Guidance For Your Biggest Purchase

Buying a new home is exciting ... and a bit scary.  A realtor helps you find or market property - a lawyer guides you through the process and provides you with much more information about your property and what laws and regulations apply.  We represent buyers and sellers of residential property of less than $750,000.  

Smart Rate:  $2,450 



real estate

Residential purchases of $750,000 or less.  

Smart Rate:  $2,450


3 free months of follow-up questions related to your real estate purchase.

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