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Don't "copy" another business's handbook.  This document needs to be specific to your business.  As we work on your handbook, you will get a crash course in employment law and learn how to better manage your employees to avoid legal risk.  

For businesses with less than 200 employees.

Smart Rate:  $2,950




For businesses with 
200 employees or less.

Smart Rate:  $2,950


3 free months of follow-up questions related to your handbook implementation.

  • A handbook customized to your business.

  • A WORD or Google Doc so that you can make changes without incurring additional legal fees.

  • A Wisconsin attorney will draft your handbook to make sure it is fully compliant with federal and Wisconsin state law.

  • Detailed instruction on every section of your handbook.

  • Answers regarding all wage and hour questions including breaks, vacation/PTO/sick leave, time clock issues, overtime, etc.

  • Subscription service available for automatic updates or law changes.

  • Basic instruction on the employment laws that apply to your business.

  • 1 salaried position review (to make sure an employee is not subject to overtime laws).


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